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AquaCloud ™ is the web software of Aquameas and it provides an overview of your entire network all the time, enabling you to view current and historical measurement data and track how the readings change over long periods. As well as this, you can save pipe network data, correlate measurement results and use network diagnostic functions. With AquaCloud ™ your data becomes mobile. Using the web browser, you have constant access to exactly all the information and data you need.

  • Leak noises
  • Meter readings
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure Ratios
  • Alarm messages
Water Leak Detection System

  • Zone measurement / Monitoring
  • Zone measurements in a drinking water network make it possible for losses to be quantified. In this process, pressure/flow measurements and level/frequency measurements are used to determine areas in which leaks have occurred.

  • Pre-location
  • The pre-location or circling in on the water leak is done by listening to directly accessible contact points, such as hydrants or valves. Pre-locating leaks works on the principle of “the louder, the closer” and “the quieter, the further

  • Pinpoint location
  • For concluding leakage pinpointing, Aquameas offers three quite different technologies (groundmicrophones, tracer gas detectors and correlators). The aim of all of the Aquameas solutions in this area is to avoid large excavations and the associated effort and to limit the work exactly to the area where the leak is located.

With Aquames’s leak detection products you have a complete system for reliable location and thus for efficient repairs.

Head End System

  • Data sourcing module (from SCADA)
  • While the SCADA receives data from a very large number of sensors (potentially hundreds or thousands), the SCADA itself is a single source of data for the head end system.

  • Real-time Data Analysis Engine
  • The head end system sources the various data streams from the SCADA in near-real time and is able to detect events, execute pre-defined rules or models on the real-time data streams.

  • Big Data Store
  • Given the large volume of real time streaming data and the need to store historical time-series across long periods of time, especially for the development of forecasting models, a high data volume store is designed.

  • Aggregated Data Store
  • This data store also stores aggregated data with history, for reporting and analysis purposes. The analysis is ‘Management Information’ type, since data only exist in an aggregated form.

  • Alerts/Notifications Engine
  • The alerts and notifications engine are being invoked from both the real time data analysis engine as well as the batch data processing engine.

  • Reporting Engine
  • Aggregated and granular data is available for reports. The reports are being developed and viewed via the reporting engine. Report delivery is via browser or mobile phone app.

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