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Inbuilt battery operated Pressure logger with remote SMS /GPRS telemetry. Each pressure sensor shall be capable of operating in the range required, and logger, transmitter, internal pressure transducer type. It shall be provided complete with anticorrosive material, isolation valves, and a surge damper arrangement should be provided with pressure hose and quick fit coupling. For ease of deployment. Local and remote display with laptop or hand held device shall be provided with suitable communication accessories. Pressure transmitters shall be designed for 10 to 20 bar pressure with accuracy 0.1%& repeatability of 0.1%. Designed to fit inside very shallow Atplas box installations, the logger is ideal for many applications, including monitoring flow and/or pressure in a district or zone to assess demand, leakage and pressure conformance; logging key customers. The logger should utilize the latest advances in GPRS technology to provide rapid transmission at low cost, enabling data to be retrieved more frequently for analysis and response.

Service Pipeline adjacent to bulk meter with pulse o/p / electromagnetic flow meter, valve chamber Branch Pipelines
Quantity & Ranges As per process requirements
Accuracy measuring loop ┬▒ 0.25% of reading or better
Sensor diaphragm sensor (internal)
Material Ceramic
Range Adjustable over full range
1 Analog input Internal Pressure Transducer. External pressure. 4-20 ma (optional). 0-20 bar / 0-200 meters head / 0-300 psig, 0.1% repeatability / 0.1% accuracy logger is calibrated to 10 bar with facility to recalibrate max range at 20bar.
2 Digital input One bi-directional pulse input for Flow. Two single-directional pulse inputs for Flow logging. Up to 64 pulses per second.
Serial input RS232 (proprietary), Mod bus for third party devices.(optional)
Memory Min recording 179,760 readings. And facility to be programmed to read continuously (cyclic mode) or for a specific period of time (block).
Sampling rate Variable sample rate 1 to 59 mins, then 1 to 24hrs
Alarms Multiple alarm options such as Rate of Change, Profile, Minimum Night Flow and Threshold. 16 Alarms per logger. Each alarm out comment field 16 characters. Can be programmed to auto dial up to 16 telephone numbers on alarm (i.e. 1 per alarm).
Secondary channel Should have facility to be programmed to record either fast data, average minimum, average maximum or time interval between pulses (for data smoothing).
Site id Up to 7 alphanumeric characters. Also readable factory set serial number in firmware.
Local Infra-Red reading head for connection to PDA hand held programming and data collection unit, laptop, or desktop PC.
Dimensions Tough ABS plastic enclosure  (130H with internal pressure sensor) x 150W x 105D mm. Weight 590 grams (1.3lb)
Power Supply Internal battery Lithium Thionyl-Chloride cell operational for 5 years under standard operating conditions, complete with low battery alarm



Panel mount remote floe indicator & integrator. With optional rs 485 & 4-20 re-transmission option. Data logging ,pen drive saving of .xls format. And printer o/p suitable for flowmeter. Pressure and level applications.


Suitable for non contact type level measurement of rivers, reservoirs, tanks & dams. Ranges from 0-30mtrs & 0-60mtrs


We deal in following type of Leak detection equipment for supply ,training and after sales support. For reputed brands Pressure loggers, listening sticks , ground microphone & pipe & cable locaters, portable ultrasonic flowmeters,Insetion type electromagnetic flowmeters Noise loggers ,co-relater .
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