AK-411 Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter

AK-411 Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter


MID Certificated, RF Readings, Supports Wireless MBUS Protocol, Integrated Lora module-chipset allows both LORA and FSK modulation, Supports LoRaWAN™and Wireless MBUS Protocols simultaneously (Optional), Supports LoRaWAN™- Class A Protocol, Built-in buzzer, Selectable Frequency Band EU 863-870 Mhz, Ultrasonic principle assures very high sensitivity even at low flow.

Contactless card usage ensures isolation against external affects, 3.6V Lithium battery replaced by local administration, LCD display with back light, Advanced service network, Suitable for cold water up to 50°C, Suitable for potable water, No measurement of air, Reverse flow detection, Wide dynamic measuring range and low pressure loss, Solid stainless steel reflector, IP 68 protection class, Can be mounted all positions desired, Leakage control system, 3 years of warranty, Service and spare parts available for 10 years.

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Details MID certified, ISO 4064:2014, support LORAWAN/RF, Mod-bus interface, LCD display
Size Available 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm & 40mm
On Request RF Reading
Support wireless Mod-bus
Leakage control
Project execution support
O&M up to 3 years and more

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