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BAYLAN Water Meter

Water Meter Installation Instructions:

1. Only licensed plumber or person authorized by BAYLAN Water meter in the course of their duty shall carry out any work for the installation of any water meter.

2. Water meter shall be connected on the network, within the correct direction and correct angle, according to protection cautions.

3. Before installing the meter on a new pipe network, remove all the foreign materials inside the pipes (Mud, sand, Air etc.), ensure the pipe is clean.

4. Before installing the meter, both two peak of the network shall be placed on the same axis, and the water flow direction shall be detected.

5. Water meter shall be connected on the network, through the water flow forward direction. Meter direction is shown on the body, by an arrow.

6. Connection pipe nominal diameter shall be equal with meter nominal diameter.

7. Do not connect the meter with a leaning position. Meter shall be exactly described position, and meter axis shall be parallel with that position axis.

8. Protecting of the water meter, use water meter box and make water meter chamber.

9. Protecting the meter against stroke, rain and other external influences, use water meter box and make proper chamber.

10. Water meter install in Horizontal position.

11. BAYLAN Water meter requires all 15mm to 50mm meters to be set at minimum height of 150mm of Above the ground in a horizontal position. Areas requiring “y” type inline strainer, Must be installed a Minimum of 150mm above the ground for the servicing.

12. 250mm minimum distance between the centers of the pipe of each water meter assembly.

13. 150mm minimum distance between the center of the pipe and the nearest wall.

14. Manufacturer has specified installation length of straight pipe of at least 15 X DN Upstream and 10 X DN Downstream of The meter.

Water Meter Installation Diagram with All Fittings


  • Please install water meter as per above mention line diagram, Installation diagram & Instruction. If not install water meter as per above mention line diagram, Installation diagram & Instruction the Water meter warranty not covered.
  • Each water meter Chamber & water meter box required. If not available chamber & Water meter box the water meter warranty Not covered.
  • Before water meter install inbuilt Strainer or External strainer. If not install strainer before water meter the water meter warranty not covered.

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